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Repairs to the Hardanger Fiddle require an understanding of the instrument.

Repairs must be done in such a way as to maintain the integrity and character of the instrument.

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Pegs - Pegs can be problematic. As the Hardanger Fiddle peg itself is often a work of art it must be preserved and used if at all possible. Replacement with standard violin pegs is not a desirable option.

Necks - Necks, too, can be problematic. Often the neck has been lengthened to a standard violin measurement. Necks warp because of the added strings and increased tensions. Or, the neck angle has dropped because of the added tensions. Solutions to these problems have to be determined on a case by case basis.

Bridge - A properly carved Hardanger Fiddle bridge is a necessity. A warped bridge, poor curvature or deep string grooves are all signs of needed bridge work. A made over violin bridge does not work properly on the Hardingfele and is not an acceptable alternative.

For repairs of any kind please contact me
so your particular situation can be discussed.

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